The One Consent™


The One Consent™ You Can Afford to Give is an Informed One

Something Great is coming to Help enable that

What's Coming

Catalogue Your Consents


Let Us figure out where You stand Today. 

We will check for every single 

App, Service, Gadget, Website 

You use and Let You Know what They 

made You Agree To

Make Your Mind


Everyone is unique. 

We let you define Your policy.

 We let You decide what

 You are Ok With and what is Not Acceptable.

 Let Us Know Once and We will 

Guard the Limits of Your Consent Forever

Relax and Enjoy


While We stay Alert and Verify every aspect of  the agreements you get into navigating digital universe, 

You can have total Peace of Mind and be sure You are not consenting to something your Reasonable self would never let You

Be First to Know

Interested? Let Us Know and Stay Informed

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